Jo's Fedi Migration Bucket List

(An attempt at solving every single bug pertaining fediverse's migration, to make sure everyone can migrate without worries)

Some methodology, as I'll be using it a lot:

Bugs found

Current Suggestions when migrating

Some suggestions to prevent you from losing followers when migrating.

  1. Because of Akkoma's 24h bug, either:

Software to check (and forks)


Things to check

Not an exhaustive list, just a few things. Empty means I just haven't gotten to around checking it.

(Behaviour) Mastodon Pleroma Akkoma Misskey GoToSocial Friendica Takahe
Before beginning migration, origin checks for alsoKnownAs on target. Y
Make sure target and origin data is up-to-date when processing Move activity.
(Get a successful/up-to-date/cache-bypassing fetch on each before processing Move activity.)
N Y >= 3.13
Observing instance is resillient in retries when origin/target instance is DDoSed by Move handling.
(Retry Move activity until it gets proper fetches, for at least an hour or more)
Target instance pushes profile update when AKA is updated.
(Possibly) Instance handles missed Move when it encounters a movedTo attribute on profile fetch.
(Unsure if this is encouraged/discouraged by the spec, but this would catch a ton of federation mishaps. Further research into what kinda behaviour this cascades into is neccecary.)